Our Expertise

While we can help you with any area of Legal Services through our expert team, we take special pride in our expertise in the following areas of law.

Business and Industry

1.      Business Law

KMK advocates has vast experience in businesses law in Kenya, including but not limited to establishment of Companies, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorship.

Furthermore; our lawyers advise on several areas of business law including; formation of business associations, resignation of officials, appointment of officials, dissolution and winding up of business associations, insolvency


Constitutional Law

The firm has expertise in constitutional law and represents clients in defending their constitutional rights.  


2.      Commercial Contracts

When it comes to commercial contracts mitigation of risk for the parties involved cannot be overstated. Ensuring that the terms agreement are reduced to writing and that the proper precautions are taken in the event that the business relationship collapses, is highly advisable. The firm has overseen various negotiations of contracts, drafted on behalf of large companies such as

·         Carrying out forensics and due diligence for Kopo Kopo Ltd

·         Advising investors on setting up a multibillion solar power plant, including the infrastructure on legal documentation such as, power purchase agreements in Kenya.

·         Overseeing appointment of Company Directors in OGAS Solutions Kenya Limited.


3.      Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm is currently advising international investors in the acquisition of a local Kenyan Bank and reviewing on their behalf, the Kenyan banking Act, Tax Act and Kenyan Competition law with regards to the ongoing due diligence.

4.      Joint Ventures


As project management consultants, KMK oversees large joint ventures particularly in relation to Real Estate and Property Law

Real Estate law

1.      Property Law

The firm has a rapidly growing real estate department that handles a substantial amount of immovable property transactions. We have overseen several commercial and residential real estate developments advising on construction law, project development and joint ventures in property law, both in Nairobi and Mombasa. 


Kings Developers Limited

·         360 apartment a Kshs. 1.5 billion project in mlolongo

·         Milimani Apartments Nakuru, a Kshs. 750 Million project

·         Crawford business park state house road a Kshs 900 Million project

·         Zawadi apartments in Bamburi, Mombasa a Kshs 1.5 Billion project

·         Ten Trees Limited Kizingo, Mombasa County a multi-million housing

·         Young Muslims Association (YMA)

Mount Property Development Limited

·         Vihiga Gardens Apartments,  Kileleshwa a Kshs .950 Million Project

·         Vihiga Villas Apartments,  Kileleshawa a Kshs. 950 Million Project

·         Prelax Apartments, a Kshs. 650 Million Project

·         Suguta Apartments, a Kshs. 850 Million Project


·         We also deal with numerous transactions pertaining to the sale and purchase of land all over the Country.  Furthermore, the firm advises several banks on securities and prepares the necessary documentation on their behalf.

2.      Landlord and Tenancy Law


We advise and mange property on behalf of our clients ensuring that they adhere to the pertinent laws of tenancy.  We prepare the necessary instruments on behalf of our clients, ensuring protection of rights of the parties involved 

Family Law

Legal family matters tend to be very sensitive and need to be handled with due care and diligence. We assist families on various legal matters such as;

1.      Succession Law

The loss of a loved one can be a very tumultuous time. We assist our clients on legal matters pertaining to the division of property in the event the deceased passes living a valid will (testate succession) and where the deceased passes living no will (intestate succession).

We walk our clients through this rather difficult time and procure all the necessary legal documentation on their behalf.

2.      Prenuptial Agreements

We draft prenuptial agreements in accordance with S 6(3) of the Matrimonial Property Act No 49 of 2013 on behalf of our clients protecting the rights of the interested parties in the unfortunate event of separation or divorce.

3.      Divorce

The firms Litigation Department are experts in Divorce Law and handle divorce petitions on behalf of our clients, advising on the sensitive subject matter and representing our clients in court. 

4.      Child Support

Children need to be provided for adequately irrespective of the state of their parent’s relationship. The constitution provides for an equal share of parental responsibility and therefore, we ensure that our clients, more specifically their children’s rights are protected and that they are sufficiently provided for, by providing litigious services and representing our clients in court.

5.      Wills

Planning for your beneficiaries before you die is crucial and can help prevent family squabbles in the event of death.

 We assist our clients in drafting wills, stipulating the devolution of their estate in the unfortunate event of their passing.

Intellectual Property

We believe in the protection of innovative rights and our Intellectual Property team are experts at ensuring that our clients intellectual property is protected.  We have registered several trademarks for notable international and local clients such as

·Haco Industries (now Haco Tiger Brands),

·Datini Industries,

·Crystal Industries,

·Classic Iron Mongers,

·Kens Metal Industries

·Cosmos Limited.

·Sidoman Investment Limited 


Oil and Gas 

Our senior partner is the lead local advisor to the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Petroleum on Oil and Gas related contracts.

Reviewing and drafting of production sharing contracts and joint development agreements for the Government of Kenya on the Early oil Pilot Scheme

Reviewed the legislative drafting of the Petroleum bill 2015, in comparison to the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act in view of the pipeline project

Reviewing and drafting documents for the Energy sector assisting the lead local adviser to the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Energy and petroleum on oil and gas related contracts 


Our firm is currently advising investors on setting up multibillion solar power plants, including the infrastructure on the legal documentation such as power purchase agreements.