Naima Kirui

Key areas of expertise

Naima is a member of KMK’s litigation department and specialises in commercial law, insurance and civil litigation.

She has worked matters involving corporate debt recovery, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, probate and administration. Employment law, drafting of legal documents for environment and land cases.

The legal services that Naima has provided include general advice on commercial, employment and labour law and civil litigation. Naima has previous experience in employment law, tax, succession and criminal law.

She has handled several matters that cut across various legal disciplines including civil, commercial and criminal litigation to probate and administration.

Advised clients on debt recovery and freezing of accounts.

Advised on compulsory acquisitions, adverse possession and fraudulent transfer of land.

Advised clients on collective bargaining agreements and their rights on employment matters.

Advised clients on Joint Ventures and Partnership Agreements in relation to Dispute Resolution.

Advised and conducted negotiations for Corporate Insurance companies on settlement of claims.

Advised clients on company incorporation procedures.

Advised clients on Judicial Review remedies under Constitutional law.

Advised on divorce petitions.

Represented clients on commercial litigation in relation to breach of contracts